Everything you need to know about BitcoinBloom

A bit more about BitcoinBloom:

Here is a little more information about investing with BitcoinBloom.

Investments (3)

What currencies are accepted?
Currently, Bitcoin is accepted due to its widespread market share and reliable functionality which makes it most suitable for our platform.
Can I make more than one investment?
Yes, as long as the investments do not violate the maximum and minimum restrictions.
How do payments work?
10% profit from your principle is sent daily, except on the last (seventh) day you will receive your principal back + the last day of payment. (10%+10%+10%+10%+10%+10%+110% = 170% ROI)

Functions (3)

How do I invest?
Once in the invest home, copy the provided address and make your deposit. Once deposited, refresh your page and the investment will appear. If you deposited correctly, your deposit will be added to the table and once paid, into the payment table.
Is BitcoinBloom automated?
Yes. All investments received are automatically inputted though for the consumer security, payments are sent at one time from a separate address at 12pm GMT.
Can I invest more than the maximum?
No, the maximum is there to limit the amount we can take in to sustain growth. You may diversify your investments into multiple transactions if you wish to invest more.

Requests & Bugs (2)

Where is the affiliate program?
The affiliate system is a very commonly requested feature, though to only attract interested investors, we do not offer an affiliate system.
Can I request new features or report bugs?
Yes, we are always open to adding in new features. We also offer bounties for security bugs, but not front end errors.

Support (2)

How do I contact you?
We are almost always available on skype, twitter, email and bitcointalk. Simply visit one of the social media links or reach out to us via our other communication methods and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Is there a forum topic I can refer to for support?
Yes, the bottom right hand corner of every menu has a bitcointalk link as well as a twitter link.