Terms of Service

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all investors partaking or planning to partake in the BitcoinBloom investment platform. Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before continuing in the use of the platform.

By proceeding to use the BitcoinBloom platform, you are confirming that you have thoroughly read all sections throughout the agreement and agree to abide by these set terms.

1. General Terms
- BitcoinBloom is an investment platform that allows users to earn interest on their crypto currencies without any effort or human participation. BitcoinBloom generates and distributes all promised interest via automatic trading techniques.
- Anyone may participate in the BitcoinBloom investment platform; there are no restrictions or country limitations.
- All earnings, deposits and withdrawals taken place by BitcoinBloom are recorded via the Public Blockchain for the respective currency that is being utilised by the investor.

2. Investments
- Bitcoin is the only currency accepted at BitcoinBloom for security and functionality reasons.
- There is no limit as to how many deposits can be made at once by a single investor.
- The BitcoinBloom platform is completely automatic and offers 24 hours, 7 days per week operation for investors.
- Earnings are deposited automatically to the investment that is receiving ROI and can be withdrawn at any given time.
- Profit is distributed daily and at no delay for the investor.
- One confirmation is required on all investments before they are accepted into the program to ensure their validity.

3. Withdrawals:
- All withdrawals that are submitted are usually processed instantly by the platform though may take up to 1 hour to be completely confirmed by the respective crypto currency network.
- If a withdrawal is of large amount it may take up to 12 hours to process, in this case please wait and if it takes any longer than this, contact support.
- Deposits cannot be terminated or cancelled once they have been added into BitcoinBloom.
- There are no hidden fees or commissions taken by the BitcoinBloom investment platform.

4. Liability and Guarantees
- Participation in the BitcoinBloom investment platform is completely confidential and anonymous. No information is required for registration and no information is shared or distributed to a third party by BitcoinBloom.
- BitcoinBloom may refuse services to clients if violation of the terms labelled in this agreement is conducted. As well as this, any attempt to harm BitcoinBloom (blackmail, attempt to extort, hack, spam, disrupt service, etc) may result in block of use and disqualification of any account associated with the client.
- By using the BitcoinBloom investment platform, all financial contribution is considered a risk and is not guaranteed return as trading have forms of risk involved in order to generate revenue.
- Clients fully accept that the engagement of spam activities and attempts to harm the website can result in instant blocks of website accessibility and use.
- Downtime that may be incurred by the platform is to be considered temporary and does not effect the earning of users funds.

5. Changes of this Agreement
- This agreement may be modified, changed or added to by BitcoinBloom representatives at its sole discretion, at any moment and without prior notice.
- If a client continues to use the BitcoinBloom investment platform after changes to the agreement are made, clients are assumed to have agreed to any changes or modifications made.

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